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TAP Pest Control Insulation - Insect Control

T嫂感 can help relieve you of annoying insect populations in your home. Ordinary cellulose insulation does not provide insect control and annoying pests are allowed to breed and form colonies in the attic and behind walls.  More than a nuisance, some insects can severely damage a house.

T嫂感 is an EPA-labeled pest control insulation, that is specially treated with 12.5% H3BO3. Borates have a low toxicity, and is safe to use around mammals, such as humans and pets.  However, it is deadly to many species of self grooming insects when they come in frequent contact with it.

Unlike many of the insecticides that are sprayed around the home each year, insects cannot build up a tolerance to T嫂感, and it never needs re-treating! 

T∙A∙P does not repel insects; it kills them.  Studies have shown that pests are unable to detect the presence of boric acid and, therefore, pests cannot be repelled from a substance that they cannot detect.  Boric acid’s effectiveness in killing self-grooming insects is in large part due to the fact that they ingest the substance without knowing that they are ingesting it.

If you are having a pest control company treat your home each year, we recommend the same perimeter treatments to prevent insects from nesting on the exterior of the home or entering foundation cracks.

T嫂感 helps control ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites, and other self grooming pests listed on the EPA label.



We are properly licensed, permitted and insured to provide a variety of pest control services.  Our insurance policy and licenses allow us flexibility to: provide trapping services, apply pesticide, perform bat exclusions, clean out your attic and replace the insulation with TAP Pest Control Insulation.

Cellulose Insulation Installer - Michigan

TAP Insulation is made from cellulose.  Cellolose insulation is a great insulatior, and when treated with the proper concentration of borates, provides pest control.  We provide attic cleanouts and have equipment to remove damaged insulation such as cellolose or fiberglass.  If your existing insulation is not damaged, then cellulose insulation can be installed right on top of your existing fiberglass or cellulose insulation.










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