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TAP Pest Control Insulation - What is TAP Insulation?

TAP Insulation is an all-natural, permanent, and environmentally sound product that is made from all-natural boron compound, H3BO3 and recycled newsprint (cellolose). The product contains 87% recycled newsprint, which is a fantastic use of this residential waste stream. Did you know that installing TAP in a new 1500 square foot ranch recycles as much news print as the family will consume in 40 years!  Not only are you saving landfill space, you are saving energy in your home.  

TAP is the only pesticide that has earned the US EPA's "Energy Star" designation.

TAP Stands for:

Thermal insulation is a material having air-filled cells or voids, or heat-reflective surfaces, which retard the transfer of heat to cold.

Acoustical insulation retards the transmission
of sound.

Pest Control insulation, while performing the
primary functions of thermal and acoustical, TAP is labeled to control listed pests. By Federal law, such insulation must be registered with the US EPA, and carry an EPA approved label. Additionally, the product must be registered with the pest control authorities in each state in which it is sold or manufactured.


We are properly licensed, permitted and insured to provide a variety of pest control services.  Our insurance policy and licenses allow us flexibility to: provide trapping services, apply pesticide, perform bat exclusions, clean out your attic and replace the insulation with TAP Pest Control Insulation.

Cellulose Insulation Installer - Michigan

TAP Insulation is made from cellulose.  Cellolose insulation is a great insulatior, and when treated with the proper concentration of borates, provides pest control.  We provide attic cleanouts and have equipment to remove damaged insulation such as cellolose or fiberglass.  If your existing insulation is not damaged, then cellulose insulation can be installed right on top of your existing fiberglass or cellulose insulation.








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