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Receiving letters, testimonials, and cards is great motivation for our team and really makes our day!  We love to help out and know that we are doing good in the local community.  Here is some of the reviews that our customers have submitted to us recently.

Paul - Review of bat exclusion experience. October 2017

Deanna - Feedback on experience. December 2016

Julie - Detailed review of her experience. November 2016

Keith - Prevent-A-Mouse experience. November 2016

Sharon - A customer's perspective after a few years with us. October 2016.

Kristen - Describes inspection experience. June 2016

David - Extremely pleased with our Prevent-A-Mouse program. April 2016.

Dawn - Pleased with Brian's thoroughness. Feb 2016

Brian - Reviewed our team. January 2016

Jim - Reviewed our team. December 2015

Danielle - Reviewed our team. November 2015

Stephen - Reviewed our mice program.  2015

Jillian - Bat exclusion experience, trustworthy and polite. Oct 2015

Patricia - Discusses knowledge and kindness. Oct 2015

Jan in Oxford - Writes about Prevent-A-Mouse experience. Aug 2015

James - Comment on billing statement. Oct 2014.

Judy - A sweet letter that accompanied payment. May 2013

Carol - Postcard from former customer. Sept 2012

Gary - Email from bat exclusion customer, Aug 2012

Dan - Email from bat exclusion customer, July 2012

Lisa - Email from bat exclusion customer, May 2012

Lisa & David - Email from bat exclusion customer, Oct. 2011.

Dr. Ralph Kummler, Former Dean at WSU. Letter referencing bat exclusion on his home by President Dave Kugler when he was a wildlife technician in the 1990's.

Oakland County 4H Vet Club - Bat Educational Presentation to club.

Indiana State University Dean. Scholarship letter of thanks.

American Association of University Women. Thanks for supporting female students in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb.

Edie & Fred, Bloomfield Testimonial. 

Gorton, Bloomfield. Email describing our service experience.

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