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Mice Reproduction

A family of 6 mice can multiply into a family of 60 mice in 3 months. Reaching sexual maturity at about four weeks of age, it’s easy to understand how a mouse population within a home can quickly grow out-of-hand.

How do you stop it?

Not to mention the fact that they breed year-round.  The staggering birth rate is kept under control naturally by predators in the outdoors, but owls, hawks, cats and other hunters are absent from the typical attic or basement.

The sole natural factor limiting the mouse population in the home is the limitation of resources such as food. As the average house mouse lives for a year, that means a staggering number of mice can call your abode home over the course of 365 days.

  • A single female produces between 5-10 litters annually. 
  • Each litter consist of 5-6 young that are able to reproduce at approximately 30 days of age.
  • Mice produce a great number of young, but have a high mortality rate. 
  • Mice are an important source of food for wildlife such as hawks, owls, and fox which can control populations outdoors.
  • The lifespan of a house mouse is approximately 1 year. 

In order to control mice inside your home, it is important to treat key areas of the home - before you see mice.



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