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Indiana State University Center for North American Bat Research and Conservation

Founded in 2005, the Bat Center’s mission is to conduct and encourage basic and applied research on North American bats, by collaborating with students and other scientists, and to make findings available to the scientific community and the public through technical and popular publications, teaching and outreach programs. 

Critter Catchers, Inc. - Bat Conservation Scholarship

As part of our conservation efforts, we have established a scholarship with the Indiana State University Center for North American Bat Research and Conservation.  Critter Catchers was the first to offer a scholarship to the students associated with the Bat Center.  The center presents a terrific opportunity for students to work with one of the largest teams of bat biologists in North America. 

In 2012, we renewed our commitment to the scholarship and revised the focus to those working on projects in Michigan. 

2012 Press Release

2009 Press Release

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