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How to get a flying bat out of your house

In SE Michigan, most of the bats found inside a home is the Big Brown Bat.  This bat species lives in colonies or large groups.  This bat species does not hibernate in caves, rather they live in homes, hollow trees or bridges year round (homes are more abundent than hollow trees).  Homes that provide shelter for bat colonies, may experience the occasional bat flying inside.  Once the individual bat is outside, you need to have the colony evicted.

bat flying

First determine if anyone in the home may have been bitten (see rabies). Consider that some victims may not be able to respond, like small children. If there is any reason to suspect a bite, contact your local health department immediately.  According to Oakland County Health Department, "If you wake up in a room with a bat present, regardless if there is evidence of a bite or scratch, seek medical attention.  If at all possible trap the bat for rabies testing.  Do not release the bat.” Bats have tiny teeth, and do not leave easily idenifiable wounds.

bat flying in house

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Attempts should then be made to capture the bat, for proper testing. Wear heavy leather gloves and place a coffee can over the bat.  Then slide a piece of cardboard under the can to enclose the bat inside.

If you’re certain that a bite has not occurred, stay calm and attempt to steer the flying bat outside. A swooping bat is not trying to attack; it’s only attempting to fly back outside. Turn on some lights in the house, so you can better track the flying visitor.  Restrict the bat’s access to one area of the home, by closing doors to other rooms.  Open an exterior window or door.  Hold a broom upright, and guide the bat toward the exit.  Resist your urge to swat at your trespasser, as the bat is using its echolocation to navigate a safe path outside.

If you need immediate assistance and are in our service area, give us a call for bat removal services.  We are a Michigan wildlife control operator and provide emergency response to assist in removing wild animals from your house.

Refer to our bat exclusion page for information on getting a bat colony out of your home.  Due to the potential increase in rabies cases in Michigan, it is critical to evict the bats from your home. This action can prevent bats from flying inside your bedroom, basement or other area of your house.

Consider the time of year that bats are inside the home. Read below to understand that is occurring during the different seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


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