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Raccoon Life Cycle

Raccoons are nocturnal and are active during the evening hours year round.  The do not hibernate, however they are not very active during the coldest part of Michigan's winters. 

They breed towards the end of the winter in February and March.  The female searches for a suitable nesting area to raise the young which may include hollow trees, attics, chimneys or other areas that are protected from weather.  They are very good with their hands and can tear through vents & roofs to gain access to a shelter.

The young are born in the spring during the months of April and May.  Mothers take real good care of the young and will even adopt young from another litter.  The litter contains an average of 3-6 young which are nursed for 2-4 months.  The family will generally stay together until the following Spring breeding season.  Baby raccoons make a chattering sound when the mother returns from a night of exploring the neighborhood.  This can be a good indicator that you have raccoons in your attic.

During the summer months you may see both adults and juveniles searching for food.  They are omnivores - eating both meat and vegetables.  They will scour your yard for grubs, raid your trash can, or feed from an available pet food dish.


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