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Squirrel Removal and Control, MI

Fox Squirrel — Sciurus niger.

Red Squirrel - Tamiasciurus hudsonicus.

Gifted aerial acrobats at home in virtually any tree in your Oakland County neighborhood, these nimble, light-weight mammals make a trapeze artist’s tricks high overhead look tame.  Fox squirrels have an orange-brown appearance with a lighter belly and a bushy tail; red squirrels, as their name implies, sport a red-brown coat, again with a lighter stomach color. Red squirrels are slightly smaller and lighter than fox squirrels, which generally weigh in just below two pounds.

Both squirrel species are equally comfortable searching for food both on the ground and high overhead, in the trees. Hickory nuts, berries, acorns, seeds, and more are among their favorite foods, although they’re certainly more than happy to visit a local birdfeeder, too. Living in nests constructed of leaves and sticks in tree branches, squirrel homes are readily visible in the winter, when leaf cover is gone. Of course, they’re not reluctant to move into a comfortable Michigan attic, when circumstances permit.

Energetic and entertaining to watch through all seasons, squirrels normally live about four years in the wild. So what sort of animal control problems can these furry daredevils cause? Take some time to watch a squirrel in action, and you’ll get the idea. It’s a good bet you’ll witness them digging holes in the lawn, either to hide their prized nuts or to locate another squirrel’s hidden stash.

Squirrel habits are more than a mere nuisance. Frequent travelers along electrical lines, squirrels can short out transformers, leaving entire neighborhoods in the dark for hours. They’re also capable of defending themselves when threatened, with both a painful bite and sharp claws tailor-made for climbing trees. 

Squirrel Trapping, Control and Removal in Oakland County Michigan

We currently solve squirrel problems in Oakland County Michigan.

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