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Our industry is heavily regulated with permit and licensing requirements to protect the public.  However, wading through the requirements can be confusing.  Before you hire a wildlife control company, investigate credentials.  Refer to our page about Choosing a Wildlife Control Company.


Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Control Permit.  This permit is issued by the  Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). This permit is required by companies that trap or remove certain nuisance wildlife. Being permitted, does not mean that a company is licensed or insured.  Listing of Permitted Companies  Critter Catchers Inc - Permit #RC-772.

Pesticide Application Business License.  This license is issued by the Department of Agriculture to companies that are authorized to apply pesticides, such as rodenticide.  A license is required for both general use and restricted pesticides (all pesticides).  Michigan requires that these companies carry insurance.  Listing licensed companies and further explanation Critter Catchers Inc - License #630198.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification.  Each technician that applies pesticide must be certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  Certification cards must be carried on their person. Ask to see the card, when technicians arrive to your home. All Critter Catchers Inc technicians have certifications

Residential Builder License.  This license is issued by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth.  This credential is important if you are hiring a company to perform attic restorations where insulation is removed or added; perform minor repairs to damage caused by wildlife; screen louver vents or modify flashing. If the total job is over $600, it is required. Locate license onlineCritter Catchers Inc - License #2102196439.

Liability Insurance - Provides coverage to damages to your home.  Critter Catchers Inc - Certificate of Insurance 2014

Workers Compensation Insurance - Provides coverage to employees that are injured on the job.  This protects customers from personal injury lawsuits if an employee is hurt on your property.  Be wary of the use of subcontractors.  Critter Catchers Inc - Certificate of Insurance 2014





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