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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.

When we started to envision the business back in 2005, we knew that we are going to put together a wildlife firm. When we initially thought of putting together a logo, we wanted to have a spirited, friendly critter with some personality represent our culture. We realized that some wildlife scare people, and that is not our style. We wanted to educate our customers about wildlife problems without escalating the fear that they already were experiencing.

In the early years, we did service accounts with a variety of wildlife problems. However, as time passed, the business evolved. We cultured a relationship with the Organization for Bat Conservation and our interest in bats deepened. We realized that servicing bat accounts required a special set of tools, which is much different than what is required to trap other critters. The space on our trucks limited the variety and quantity of equipment that we could carry. We did carry a small stack of traps.

Over the first decade in business, we developed the skillset and experience within our team - related to bat and mice problems. As the business evolved, we had to pass on many of the other wildlife services. We were just having too much fun working with bats and mice.

In 2015, we made some significant changes in the business to focus on bat and mice problems. We ended up shedding the trapping services and sold our equipment. We realized that specializing on the areas we do best really resonated with our customers.

By the Spring of 2016, the squirrel logo seemed awkward for the type services we provided. We transformed the squirrel in our logo to a mouse. Our new logo maintains the spirit of the origional design, but better communicates one of our areas of specialty. We truely are an independent specialty wildlife firm. Responsive image /

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