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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.

Tennis rackets, baseball bats, and the occasional golf club have all swung into action at one point or another in humanity’s battle with bats; and the sporting goods of choice aren’t always on the mark. There’s a better, safer way to master the bat problem, leaving lampshades intact and bats — the only mammals truly capable of flight — unharmed. Why not seek a better solution, through Michigan Critter Catchers Bat Removal Services?

Michigan bats feast exclusively on insects, and control many of which are harmful to humans. For example, the big brown bat — one of the most common bats found in and near buildings — can consume insects equal to one-third of its weight in 30 minutes of feeding.

Like all Michigan bat species, these mammals are extremely flexible. Bats are masters at squeezing through small openings into attics, beneath shingles and siding, and more. Some bats live a solitary existence; others, like the little brown bat — with a lifespan of as much as 30 years — exist in colonies. Nine species of bats call Michigan their home. And please, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, because vampire bats are not found in the United States.

Most of the roughly 900 bat species found worldwide navigate in flight through high-frequency sound waves, helping them avoid obstacles (echolocation). These sounds can not be heard by humans, although bats do also emit some audible sounds that might be an indication that they’re living nearby. Sounds of grooming, scratching, crawling or climbing in attics can also be heard. Additionally, bat excrement, or guano, produces a distinctly unique odor — another indication that professional bat exclusion assistance is needed. This characteristic is usually apparent to an experienced bat specialist.

Bats provide tremendous benefits to Michigan residents — when they aren’t living in the home, condo, or church. Bats are one of the only predators of night time insects, which is reason enough to install a bat house to provide additional habitat. Do not be fearful of bats flying into your hair, they are not aggressive and can see very well.

Perhaps the most significant threat posed by bats living within close proximity is rabies, a viral infection usually transmitted by a bite from an infected animal. As bats are nocturnal, any bats discovered active during the daytime, or on the ground incapable of flying, should be avoided. Additionally, in the event of a bat bite, contact a medical professional immediately.

Michigan Critter Catchers is the exclusive bat removal partner for the Organization for Bat Conservation. In order to ensure proper bat exclusion and control, wildlife specialists receive annual training on various species and their behavior through this affiliation.

Contact Michigan Critter Catchers to obtain a free phone estimate to solve your animal control and bat exclusion matters. Please note that bat exclusions vary on cost due to complexity of the site conditions.

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