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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
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Bats are amazing creatures in so many ways. It is common for people to get a bat in their house, and then it disappears. What happened?

People ask, "How long can a bat survive in my house?"

Some species of bats prefer to live in houses - the same houses that people occupy. Bats live in walls and attic spaces because they make great places to hibernate or raise their young.

Occasionally, a bat will inadvertently get inside the living quarters - such as a bedroom. How long can the bat live in the house? The answer - quite some time. Here is why: Bats have an uncanny way of getting out of tight quarters. Think about it, bats are usually associated with caves. A house is much easier to navigate. Bats can get into cold air returns (which are often not lined) and get into walls. Also, they only need 1/4 inch gap to squeeze through an attic hatch....or up the wall from the basement.

The only way to keep bats out of your house, is to complete a live bat exclusion.

If you need help in Ohio, check out our team down there at Propestmen of Ohio, Inc..

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