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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
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The following is a list of 11 things that you must know about Michigan Big Brown Bats:
1. Many bats are protected and eat millions of crop destroying insects each year.

2. Bats are not blind nor are they afraid of light.

3. Bats consider us predators, and are only trying to escape from us if they mistakenly get inside our homes. Bats can not live in the heated portion of a Michigan home in the winter.

4. Bats are relatively long lived mammals- 13-18 years is not uncommon. Bat are slow to reproduce - a single pup or twins once a year.

5. Big Brown Bats (most indigenous to SE Michigan) are house and building dwellers all year round. Another species, the Little Brown Bat, prefer more temperate caves for hibernation.

6. Bats should never be trapped, poisoned, harmed, or scared out of an attic. Using pesticide on bats is illegal in Michigan.

7. Bats are "Excluded" from a home, similar to window screens which "exclude" insects from entering a home.

8. One way doors are applied on bat activity points to allow exit, yet no re-entry is allowed, thereby excluding bats from the home.

9. Big Brown bats, that roost in houses, live in colonies.

10.Bats CAN NOT be excluded during maternity season.

11. Bats are not rodents and do NOT gnaw to gain entry into your home. They have tiny sharp teeth that are used to grasp insects.

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