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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
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Do you have a bat problem? No everyone thinks that bats are a problem. For example, bats flying in the back yard, are a big asset. They consume insects and are a lot of fun to observe.

However, if you have bats in side your house, they are a problem. We love bats, but when they are living in your home, you have a bat problem on your hands. Bats will not go away on their own, and the problem only grows with time.

When bats are a problem:
1) They present a possible rabies exposure when they live inside your house.

2) Bat droppings and urine damage your home, if left unaddressed for many years.

How do you solve bat problems?
1) Bat problems are first addressed by completing a bat exclusion to lock bats out of your home.

2) Bat Houses are important to provide an alternative summer roost.

3) If there is significant damage from bat guano, consider cleanup options.

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