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Some wildlife operations are pushing attic restorations, because it can be a very profitable insurance claim. It seems that in many cases, a restoration is simply not necessary. Why have your insurance rates go up, if a restoration is not necessary?

Often, we only find a sprinkling of guano in an attic. It seems that the bats fly around the attic space and we find a pellet here and there. Most people wouldn't even notice. If no odors are present, why not let it be left undisturbed? The dry attic space and time will cause the droppings disintegrate.

For situations where there is a very minor pile, we may provide a quote for this extra service. These piles may fill no more than a coffee can. We uses a hand scooper to place the droppings in a plastic bag. We also have a small HEPA vac (a true HEPA vac) to tidy up the area. If the extent of the damage is greater, we recommend that you consider a restoration company.

What about other situations?
There are cases where bats have occupied an attic space for many years, and significant quantities may have accumulated or there may be a urine odor. There literally may be piles of guano 1-3 feet deep and it may run the entire length of the attic. We can point you to our preferred builder for restoration work.

One thing to keep in mind when looking to have your attic restored, is that a Residential Builders license is required in Michigan. Never hire an unlicensed builder to complete the restoration. If you (inadvertently) hire an unlicensed builder, Michigan law says you don't have to pay them. While this may sound appealing to some folks, they can really mess up your home. Despite a law designed to discourage unlicensed contractors, they are still very prevalent.

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