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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
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The Organization for Bat Conservation was a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve bats and their habitats through education, collaboration, and research. They also worked with local health departments and government agencies to aid in public health issues associated with bats, and have trained field biologists to research endangered bats.

OBC was based at the Michigan based "Bat Zone" located at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. The facility was home to over 100 bats from around the world. Other animals included a two-toed sloth, owls, flying squirrels, and much more.

After 20 successful years, OBC Closed its doors in 2018. Critter Catchers was the only company that they recommended for over 10 years. And during this time, they were a technical resource for us and helped to facilitate much of our community outreach. We were saddened to hear the news of the closing for all the affected people and bats. We are excited to continue our outreach in a different direction.

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Critter Catchers, Inc.
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