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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.

We like customers that educate themselves about their project, and believe that our transparency will help with your decision in hiring a good wildlife control company.

1) The first step in choosing a contractor, identify who you are dealing with. This industry is dominated by large conglomerates, and foreign entities that buy pest companies and operate under local names. Also, some operations farm out leads to third parties via listing websites and you will have no idea who you are working with. Look for multiple names for the same company, dozens of similar websites, and multiple phones numbers. At Critter Catchers, we are independently owned, have our own employees, and have a single websiter.

2) Very Important - never hire a contractor without BOTH Liability Insurance AND Workers Compensation Insurance. Some people are self employed and may not have workers comp which protects everyone in the case of personal injury. This is essential to protect your assets as a customer. You can avoid having injury claims on your homeowners insurance. Request that a certificate of insurance be emailed or faxed in advance.

Look up Workers Comp Insurance here

Critter Catchers Inc - Certificate of Insurance Download

3) Choose an expert. Organizations that specialize, gain a deeper understanding of the trade. Don't settle for a name that suggests that they specialize. Investigate the breadth of services offered and see if they truly specialize. At Critter Catchers, we ONLY handle bat & mice projects.

4) When a company claims a certain many years of experience, verify the age of the business. Business Incorporation Data Search If you are relying on a long term guarantee, does the incorporation date differ from years of experience? This may indicate that they closed shop, and reincorporated. At Critter Catchers, Inc. you can see that we incorporated in 2005.

5) When you call the business, do they answer? Are you comfortable with the person handling the call, and do you know who is going to service your account? Our Team Bio's

6) Are there any unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau? Many Michigan based bat control & pest control companies that have been doing business for a few years are listed at the BBB. Read the reviews and complaints. Be aware that this organization is not a government entity.

7) When looking at online reviews, investigate the username that is writing the review. On occasion, you might suspect that the user is affiliated with the company. Or, you will get a sense that they are fraudulent reviews. Generally, you can click on a username and observe all their posted reviews.

8) Does the company have a permit to manage nuisance wildlife, such as bats, with the Department of Natural Resources in your State? Critter Catchers Inc - Permit #RC-772.

9) Does the company have a license to apply pesticides? Often, we initially investigate for a bat problem and we discover a secondary mice issue. Some don't meet the State requirements (insurance & educational) to obtain the license. Listing licensed companies in Michigan and further explanation. Critter Catchers Inc - License #630198.

10) If you need a company to perform a bat exclusion, a residential builders license may be required when the aggregate contract price for the contractor & all subcontractors is >$600. Locate Michigan license online. Critter Catchers Inc - License #2102196439.

11) If you are relying on a guarantee or warranty, get it emailed or faxed over in advance. Review the language and make sure you are in agreement with the terms and any disclaimers. Our bat exclusion agreement is comprehensive - we cover gaps that we may inadvertently miss. This is in contrast to others that limit the guarantee to the repairs that they did and may charge for additional repairs that were missed the first time. Also, bats can enter gaps as narrow as 1/4 inch. Reflect on the idea that a very long guarantee and a low price might not be realistic to sustain the business.

12) We answer phones 7 days a week. Some companies operate as a single person and do not have the resources to manage phones, customer concerns, and back office chores. Responsiveness can be a challenge for some. We have 2 full time dedicated phone support staff.

13) We perform a comprehensive thorough inspection of your attic. Other companies “peer in” while standing on a ladder in the attic hatch. We want to have a fact based discussion with you based on evidence that we find from the complete attic inspection.

14) It is customary in the wildlife control industry to charge a service charge for the on-site inspection. Be wary of those that are not able to charge for their services. This could indicate a less experienced operator or provide a clue that they have having difficulty obtaining customers.

15) After the initial visit, make sure you are comfortable with the team that will service your account. What was the condition of the equipment (trucks, ladders)? Did the technician explain the project to your satisfaction?

16) Does the company require a deposit to schedule the project? If so, is it refundable if you change your mind before the project begins?

Thank you for reading this!

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