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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
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Michigan bats generate a natural fear among many people. They’re mysterious creatures that can be unnerving when they are in your Michigan home. As an experienced bat removal professional, we can quickly determine where bats are entering your home and formulate a humane strategy for their removal.

According to Oakland County Health Department, “If you wake up in a room with a bat present, regardless if there is evidence of a bite or scratch, seek medical attention. If at all possible trap the bat for rabies testing. Do not release the bat.”

The goal for complete bat removal is to provide a one-way exit for the bats, which may require working high above the ground on a two-story ladder, or navigating steeply pitched rooflines. One-way bat exclusion doors are vital to avoid completely sealing the home and trapping bats inside. Trapped bats become desperate and will seek alternative routes outside, possibly landing them right in your living room.

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Choose a bat removal company with proven results - and rest easy in your bat free home. Additionally, we are one of the few local companies that specialize in bat removal service - and have a builders license and a pesticide license from the Department of Agriculture. These credentials are often of value since many homes have a need to control mice and we can tackle the entire job.

During your initial inspection, we will review your home and identify active and potential entry points for bats. A written inspection is provided for your review. During the initial visit, we inspect the attic and the exterior for bat activity and formulate a plan for bat removal.

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Successful bat removal requires the skills of a properly trained professional to ensure that they don’t get back inside through a different location. Complete sealing of a home's roofline and vents is required to prevent entry. Our technicans have expereince and pay attention to the little details to ensure a sucessful bat exclusion.

Due to the complexity of performing proper bat removal, many people find that exclusions are outside the scope of a do-it-yourself project. Safety is a prime reason to consider a professional. All of our trucks are stocked with equipment such as ladder hooks, pivits, harnesses & lifelines, which improve safety. Our Technicians receive annual fall protection and ladder safety training that are specific for our industry.

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