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There are occasions when you should enlist the help of trades. We are pest management and exclusion specialists. Our work is done with sealants, structural foam and screens.

You may need a siding company, roofer, mason, arborists, landscaper or chimney specialist to make repairs or perform major maintenance to be most successful.

Arborist can trim branches at least six feet away from the home to keep critters from climbing onto the home. Also, branches can actually damage the home over time.

Landscaper's may prune shrubs and cut ground cover back 36-48 inches from the home. Sometimes, replacing mulch with pavers can reduce the cover for mice dramatically around the home - and make it easier to maintain.

There are times where we discover deteriorate chimneys or foundations that are crumbling. A mason can secure the areas properly which can prevent mice infiltration in that area.

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