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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.

Our Prevent-A-Mouse TM program has an add-on component that can create a zone-of protection around your home, shed, air conditioners, hot tubs and other places that you want to protect that are within 100 feet from the house.

This add-on makes sense. It makes maintenance convenient and very economical. Maintaining exterior stations costs less.

We find that many people benefit from strategically placing exterior bait stations in key areas that provide harborage for mice. Landscaping that is close to the home, can provide the cover necessary for mice to thrive. These mice can infiltrate your home and continuously repopulate.

Mice have small territories, and creating a zone of protection around your home can have a profound impact on the success of the program.

How many blocks of rodenticide fit in an exterior station?
While the exterior stations can hold a large number of rodenticide blocks, the EPA limits the number of blocks we can legally place. For the rodenticide that we use for mice, we can place up to 2 blocks per station. Stations need to be spaced at least 8-10 feet apart. These controls help manage risk to non-target animals.

How many mice will 1 block control?
One Contrac Blox weighs 28 grams and the lethal dose for mice is 1/2 gram. Therefore, one block has the capability to kill a maximum of 56 mice. It is possible for mice to consume more than the lethal does because mice eat an average of 2-3 grams each day. We can assume that mice have multiple sources of food, and do not rely exclusively on rodenticide. Using this information, we know that a single block will control 9-56 mice and it probably falls somewhere in the middle. Based on our observations, mice are nibblers and gnaw corners of the bait and consume food during their daily explorations of their territory.

We can place up to 2 blocks per placement, which will control somewhere between 18-112 mice per exterior station.

Why hire us to replenish exterior stations?
Most people choose to have us service their exterior stations because we choose the appropriate product and are fully insured. Additionally, it's a dirty job and you can avoid the risk of catching ringworm or seeing any unexpected critters in there. Responsive image /

Why are these exterior stations so special?
The exterior stations that we sell meet the highest level of safety available. These stations are dog and child tamper-resistant. The stations are manufactured by Bell Labs and have undergone EPA testing. The testing demonstrated that 50 children could not access the interior. Additionally, the stations were exposed to dogs for 2 hours without failure.

These stations meet the highest level of safety available - Tier 1 safety status.

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