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There are things you can do to reduce the ongoing pressure from mice that get in your home. Our knowledge and experience can effectively control mice in your home. However, success over the long term requires teamwork.

We are limited by the pesticide label as to the locations and amount of rodenticide that can be applied. For most homes, the maximum amount that can be applied is sufficient to control the population of mice in your home. We cannot simply “load up” your home. Our only option is a return trip to replenish rodenticide that was consumed.

Please consider the advice of your wildlife specialist that is specific to your home. The timing of return trips is important because we want to make sure that adequate rodenticide is maintained. Mice reach sexual maturity at 6-10 weeks of age. If we don’t return in time as suggested the population may re-emerge and cause new issues in the home.

Here are some examples of things you can do to impact the success of the program:
1) Maintain the Program
2) Trim back landscaping from home
3) Keep pet food secure
4) Reduce debris that can provide hideouts

Record areas of concern - If you hear noises, videos are powerful tools. We encourage you to share sightings, trouble spots, and noises with your wildlife specialist when they are on site. This information can help us to pinpoint your issue. Consider some common noises that are confused with mice activity such as: sparrows hopping in gutters, vinyl siding flexing/loose, expanding heat ducts, wildlife on the roof, settling of the home.

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