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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.

Mice are rodents and they are driven to gnaw - it's what they do.

While mice are always going to find ways to gnaw their way into your home by penetrating certain building materials such as wood, sealant, shingles, & siding; why make it easy for them?

Here are some common places on a home that mice can utilize without the effort of gnawing:
1) Corners on a vinyl sided home. Have you looked at these at ground level? These are mice highways into your walls and attic.

2) Ridge Vents - Mice can climb up the side of your house and access your attic directly.

3) Weep holes in brick - These are installed to allow ventilation behind bricks. There are products to keep mice out.

4) Construction gaps - mice only need 1/4 inch gap to gain entry into a house. Most homes have a lot of unsealed gaps.

5) Pipe penetrations - Look around your AC unit, sprinkler system, and where water lines enter the home.

6) Siding transitions by foundation - Often siding is not secured all along the bottom, near the foundation. Mice can climb under the siding and enter the home through an existing construction gap. Grass and mulch along the foundation provides habitat for mice.

There are professional materials that can be utilized to secure these areas on a home. These include:
1) Ridge-Guard - A metal product developed in 2016 to secure ridge vents from mice.

2) Xcluder - A fill fabric made of stainless steel and poly that can be stuffed into construction gaps to keep mice out.

3) Sealant - Make sure your home is thoroughly caulked.

Since mice will continually gnaw, you should utilize rodenticide according to the directions to reduce populations in and around your home.

Need help? Look at our Prevent-A-Mouse program.

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