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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
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Many people consider a do-it-yourself removal project. Before you go out on a limb, and try to tackle this project yourself, consider what needs to be accomplished.

You have heard it before, safety must be considered first. Prepare for the unexpected. Risks include: exposure to bats, bee hives, wasps, slips on roofs, and falls from ladders. Are you prepared to handle heights safely?

Typically, people that try a do-it-yourself bat removal project are not successful, put themselves at risk, and spend more money in the long run.

Here is a list of some equipment that we use on our bat exclusions.

Health Insurance: Our team carries works-comp insurance to cover medical bills related to an accident. Falls are REAL.

Ladders: 28 foot (2 story); 40 foot (2-3 story).

Bee Suit: A bee suit is necessary during the hot summer months when both bats and bees are active. We frequently need to caulk and seal around bees and wasps. A bee suit can take the edge off, when your are on top of a ladder and wasps fly out.

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Ladder Hook: A ladder hook, attached to a light weight 15 foot ladder can help you traverse a steep roof line of most modern day style homes. Our hooks made by Level Rite and are OSHA approved as a tie off point for fall protection. See below.

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Fall Protection: Includes a harness, specialized rope, lanyard, and rope clasp. See above.

Caulk gun & Caulk: Required for sealing up cracks in the house. What type of caulk works best for this application? What points require caulk?

Foam gun and foam: We use a black foam and professional gun.

Screen: Hardware cloth is important for screening vents to keep bats out.

One Way Doors: One way doors are a way to exclude bats. Bat Cone manufactures a device that works nicely.

Safety is a prime reason to consider a professional. The job requires working at heights, on steep rooflines and frequently in close contact with both wasps and the bats. This combination can pose a hazard with serious consequences.

Assuming you have the proper equipment, training and desire to tackle this project, do you understand bat behaviors? Some people take the iniatitive to do their own bat exclusion, then they miss sealing a couple spots and bats find their way back inside the house. Additionally, small oversights can just move the bats to a different part of the attic or even funnel them inside the living quarters. Experience can reduce this risk.

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