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We are compelled to make the public aware of a growing problem in the state of Michigan. In 2019, we counted over 80 fake wildlife control names, in Google, posing as legitimate business' in SE Michigan. The names come and go, as Google catches on. However, there is a serious problem with false advertising & fraudulent reviews.

Each day we get calls from consumers looking for help finish bat exclusion work, when they went under contract with another operator who can not be located.

Be on the lookout:
Paperwork from a different company than who you called initially.
Non-branded vehicles.
Inspector with generic shirt & paperwork.
Fake names are generic sounding with cheap looking or no logo.
Generic content on website.
Stating they are the best, without evidence to back up the claim.

Fraudulent Reviews often:
Review companies from all over the country.
Review multiple companies owned by same owner.
Sound like they are selling a solution to a problem (such as yours).

Legitimate companies spend serious money building a company over time.
Billboard Advertising - Our first billboard went up in 2009, and we budget well over $50,000/year.
Building an Experienced Team - Our most senior techs: Chad Started in 2007, Brian Started 2009, Aaron Started 2013.
Branded Trucks - We currently have 5 branded fully equipped trucks.
Legitimate Reviews from Customers - We do not manufacture reviews. Our responses confirm if we can identify a customer.
Licensing & DNR Permit - We are on the list! Here is the list of legally permitted companies.

How do you ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company?
1) Check online for workers compensation insurance. This is easy. Pass any company that is not listed. Only established companies can afford this insurance.

2) Ask for Certificate of Liability Insurance. Here is our certificate.

3) If they do not have a DNR permit, then illegal operator. Here is the list.

4) Look up to incorporation documents. Notice if the name is used multiple times in a small georgraphical area. Does this make sense? What was the date of incorporation, and does it match the experience they claim? When searching look by "key word." Business Lookup.

5) If you call a particular company, and a truck shows up with a completely different name - SEND THEM AWAY.

6) If you already had someone out, did they provide you a contract or paperwork of some sort? Or, was it simply a non-descript invoice? If an operator claims a warranty, but nothing is in are in trouble. Also, if the invoice states "installed ridge-guard"...and you wanted bats have problems. Did they warranty that you wouldn't have bats? Or, did they install ridge-guard and warrantied the install? If so, you have been tricked.

When you meet us, you will want to work with us. Research companies further here.

Critter Catchers, Inc.
P.O. Box 312, Lake Orion, MI 48361
(248) 432-2712

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