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Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.
Get Help Today! Trained & Equipped to carry project to completion.

One of the best ways to control mice, is to do so before there is a problem. Mice reproduce rapidly, and it is critical to prepare in advance.

Here is a general schedule to consider:
1) Initial Set-up.
2) First Total Replenishment in 6 weeks.
3) Exterior Only or Total Replenishment every 6-10 weeks thereafter depending on activity.

Every home is different, and our specialists can help develop a schedule based on experience.

Be aware that having fresh product in the stations helps to ensure acceptance by rodents.

Consider Prevent-A-Mouse TM Program
One of the keys to a successful outcome is to ensure that the rodenticide is applied throughout the attic space initially. Mice only cover a small territory, so an application in one or two locations may be missed by mice in other locations (allowing them to multiply). After the first application, a follow-up application approximately 6 weeks later will restock what was consumed when the mouse population was at its peak. Follow-up treatments will maintain the protection. If you added the optional exterior bait stations, this can add a level of protection around your home and prevent mice from repopulating inside. These devices provide a convenient and economical way to protect your home and maintain the program.

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