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Starting in 2019, Critter Catchers started an outreach initiative with Oxford, MI based Love For a Child (LFAC). This is a very special community care project that our team felt a need to get involved and help out. Our donation will provide 1 year of counseling and 1 week of camp for foster kids in our service area. We will follow their journey this year, with periodic updates from Love for A Child. We are excited to be able to provide these kids counseling through experiences that allow "kids to be kids". We hope that this outreach program will grow and we can help make a difference in the community which we service.

June 2019 - 2 Boys - 1 year Counseling and 1 week of camp.

Love For A Child's mission is to “Rewrite the story for at-risk children and youth through actions authentic love.” When we hear about stories of children who are severely hurt, abused, or living in fear we can’t help but want to step in to provide a safe place for these kids to be heard, listened to and cared for. Our trained and dedicated teams understand kids are meant to be kids, to have a childhood where their creative minds are explored and their smallest achievements are celebrated. Over 70% of children abused before the age of ten years old who have suffered some form of abuse become reliable to medications and drugs to cope with their surroundings. Almost 62% of foster care children in Michigan who have lived in traumatized life settings before the age of ten, will not graduate high school and revert to dropping out or potential substance abuse.
Get involved and learn more at Love For a Child

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