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To the delight of thousands, Detroit Piston greats Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, and Chauncey Billups have showcased their high-flying antics for years in Auburn Hills, Michigan. But, the flying acrobatics of a bat inside your Auburn Hills, Michigan home or business means only one thing, you have a bat problem.

Bat problems in Auburn Hills, Michigan is more common than you think. Before Aaron Webster built his first saw and grist mill on the Clinton River near what is now Auburn and Squirrel roads, big brown bats were flying around Auburn Hills, Michigan. Of course, when Webster first settled the Village of Auburn in 1821 there weren't many bat problems. At that time, there weren't many homes that required bat removal.

We provide professional bat removal services and bat control solutions to Auburn Hills, Michigan residents. We are a local Michigan business and we service the Auburn Hills, Michigan area on a regular basis.

Things you must know about Bat Exclusion Services:
1) Bat Removal & Bat Information
2) Choosing a Bat Removal Professional in Auburn Hills, Michigan
3) Bat Exclusion and Removal Process.

Stop problem bats from flying inside your home. Choose a Michigan bat removal company with proven results. We are one of the few local companies that specialize in bat removal - and have a Builders License, Pesticide License and a DNR Permit.

During your initial inspection, we will review your home and identify potential entry points for bats. We inspect the attic for guano and other signs of bats. Additionally, we review the exterior for bat activity and formulate a plan for their control.

Having bats in the house is a common problem in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Proper identification of the problem is critical for a successful exclusion and long term control. Care must be taken to during the removal process to ensure that your entire Auburn Hills, Michigan home is sealed up properly.

Bats are unique from other problem pests because they are protected in Michigan. They reproduce very slowly - only producing one or two young each year. Care must be taken by wildlife control operators, when addressing your bat problem, to ensure their survival.

Our bat control solutions will rid your home of these pests, while maintaining their presence in the local ecosystem. Bats have long lives and provide a great benefit to Auburn Hills, Michigan residents by reducing problem insect pests. Proper control is critical for the animal and the residents of Auburn Hills. We utilize a live bat exclusion to ensure that the animal is not harmed.

We are very proud of our Community Care program. See if we have sponsored any events in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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Live Bat Exclusions, Michigan. Specializing in Bat Removal.

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