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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
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Waking up to the squeaking, grinning face of a Big Brown bat in your Oxford, Michigan home doesn't have to be a nightmare. We are your locally owned and operated bat removal experts, so when there is something strange hanging in the corner of your ceiling or flying above your head, who are you going to call, Critter Catchers.

Long before Brace Beemer, the radio voice of The Lone Ranger called Oxford, Michigan home, bats were here. Long before WO Smith opened up the first gravel pit in Oxford, making Oxford, Michigan the Gravel Capital of The World, bats lived here. Now, there are more people in Oxford, Michigan in need of bat removal.

Whether you live in an old farm house, on Lapeer road, or one of the lake homes in Oxford Lakes or Waterstone, bats are in your neighborhood. Bat problems begin when they move inside your home, and professional bat removal services are required. To get inside your Oxford, Michigan home, the Large Brown Bat only needs about an inch opening that is the width of your child's pencil.

A bat in your home is not safe for your children, your pets nor the bat itself. Critter Catchers wants everybody safe and that is why we pride ourselves on humanely removing and excluding bats from your Oxford, Michigan home. Bats problems are more common than you think and we offer solutions with our bat exclusion practices.

Critter Catchers has a proven record of helping many of your Oxford, Michigan neighbors who have woke up to see a bat flying around their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. It can be scary and we can solve your bat problem quickly, professionally and humanely.

You may have noticed our local billboards, or observed one of our trucks driving across Lakeville or Drahner Road. We are one of only a handful local companies specializing in bat exclusion – you may have read our story in The Oxford Leader newspaper.

Critters Catchers bat exclusion experts have proven results in not only bat removal, but also in stopping bats from getting in again.

Big Brown Bats love Oxford, from the cedar swamps along Oakwood Road, to the wetland preserve in Addison Township, this area is offers the perfect environment for a thriving bat population. Bat problems start when you see a colony exiting your dormers.

Because we believe bats are vital to the local ecology – they consume millions of crop destroying insects each year – we believe it is important to humanely remove the bat problem from your Oxford, Michigan home. We use live bat exclusion techniques ensuring the bat in your home is not harmed.

After we have humanely removed the bat flying inside your home, we make sure it doesn't get in again. Our technician will inspect your Oxford area home - including the attic. We find and identify potential entry points bats use to get in your home. We seal their entrance to your home, giving problem bats only a way out. Once the bats are out, exit points are sealed, controlling your bat problem.

Critter Catchers bat control solutions will rid your home of these pests, while maintaining their presence in the local ecosystem. Bats have long lives and provide a great benefit to our area by reducing problem insects. Proper control is critical for these animals, you and your friends in the Oxford, Michigan area. We provide professional bat removal services and bat control solutions to Oxford, Michigan residents. We are a local Michigan business and we service the Oxford, Be confident that we take humane bat removal seriously. We were recommended by the Organization for Bat Conservation for over a decade (until they closed). Starting in 2019, we became a partner for Lubee Bat Conservancy & Bat World Sanctuary. These organizations have confidence in our history. We take humane bat removal & conservation seriously.

Things you must know about Bat Exclusion Services:
1) Bat Removal & Bat Information
2) Choosing a Bat Removal Professional in Oxford, Michigan
3) Bat Exclusion and Removal Process.

Stop problem bats from flying inside your home. Choose a Michigan bat removal company with proven results. We are one of the few local companies that specialize in bat removal - and have a Builders License, Pesticide License and a DNR Permit.

During your initial inspection, we will review your home and identify potential entry points for bats. We inspect the attic for guano and other signs of bats. Additionally, we review the exterior for bat activity and formulate a plan for their control.

Having bats in the house is a common problem in Oxford, Michigan. Proper identification of the problem is critical for a successful exclusion and long term control. Care must be taken to during the removal process to ensure that your entire Oxford, Michigan home is sealed up properly.

Bats are unique from other problem pests because they are protected in Michigan. They reproduce very slowly - only producing one or two young each year. Care must be taken by wildlife control operators, when addressing your bat problem, to ensure their survival.

Our bat control solutions will rid your home of these pests, while maintaining their presence in the local ecosystem. Bats have long lives and provide a great benefit to Oxford, Michigan residents by reducing problem insect pests. Proper control is critical for the animal and the residents of Oxford. We utilize a live bat exclusion to ensure that the animal is not harmed.

We are very proud of our Community Care program. See if we have sponsored any events in Oxford, Michigan.

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