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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture manages the Pesticide License requirements in the state. In order to be licensed, a company must meet State liability insurance requirements, have sufficient experience or educational requirements, and be authorized to conduct business in the State. Licenses must be renewed on an annual basis.

Additionally, each pesticide applicator (technician) must undergo a rigorous training and testing program managed by the State. The program requires periodic retraining.

We are proud to meet these requirements and went beyond the requirements by having our administrative staff certified. Every employee of the company is a certified commercial pesticide applicator - and carries the credentials on their person.

If you are considering hiring a business to control wildlife you should ensure that they they have the pesticide license. In addition to the stringent qualifications, the license allows the company the flexibility to apply pesticide (if needed). Many homes have some degree of mice infestations, in addition to other wildlife issues, and the company that you hire should be qualified to manage both.

Potential customer should refer to a county listing of companies that are licensed to apply pesticides in Michigan. This list is managed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Critter Catchers Inc - License #630198.

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