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May 23, 2008

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One way. Exit only. No entry. Get the idea? Many Michigan homeowners are desperately hoping to send that message to some recently discovered houseguests - bats. The message isn't falling on deaf ears, but in many cases, simply leaving isn't an option. In Michigan, female big brown bats welcome the arrival of their newborn pups in late May. When maternity colonies are discovered in an attic, some homeowners seek instant solutions to the problem. The matter can be resolved, but it requires a little patience.

"Discovering a bat colony in your home can be a frightening experience, but it's a situation that doesn't have to end badly for either side," says David Kugler, president of Critter Catchers, Inc., a Michigan-based wildlife management firm advocating a more humane approach to bat removal. "Put down the tennis racket, take a deep breath, and try to understand the problem. Bats are simply looking for a safe, secure home to raise their young." A professional bat exclusion service can safely remove the bats from your home. There are nine different species of bats in Michigan, and they all provide tremendous benefits to homeowners. Micro bats have an incredible appetite for insects, and a single big brown bat can consume half its body weight in flying insects each night. "Imagine the impact of a well placed bat house containing several hundred bats," Kugler continues. "Not only are these winged mammals fun to watch, they provide a natural method for pest control and can reduce our use of pesticides."

During the maternity season, bat removal techniques must be modified. It takes a little extra time to successfully remove the entire colony, so patience is required. Juvenile bats are able to fly on their own in mid to late July. If you attempt a complete eviction during the bat maternity season, you risk having the bats funnel into your living quarters or perishing inside the attic. A professional wildlife control service can complete extensive caulking of the house during the maternity season, but active bat entrances must be left open until the young bats can fly. Once the juveniles can fly, the one-way doors can be safely installed. Information on humane bat removal practices can be found at

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