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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.

Posted: 11/1/2007

Aspiring bat biologists to benefit from Critter Catchers, Inc. business approach

Michigan-based wildlife and bat management firm offers Bat Conservation Scholarship.

The Indiana State University Center for North American Bat Research (the Bat Center), in conjunction with the Michigan based Critter Catchers, Inc., is proud to offer the Critter Catchers, Inc. Bat Conservation Scholarship. Information regarding the scholarship can be found at: # bats.

“This scholarship – the first offered to the Bat Center – will be a big help in encouraging students to share a role within our research facility, which is probably staffed with the largest team of bat biologists in North America,” said John Whitaker Jr., professor, Ecology and Organismal Biology at Indiana State University and one of the co-authors of “Bats of Indiana” which is offered at the Bat Center. “Many people study bats, and we’re hoping to spread that message to a much larger audience.”

The annual scholarship opportunity is open to a worthy student or students enrolled at Indiana State University. It will be administered by the Indiana State University Foundation Inc., of Terre Haute. Recipients will be selected based upon specified criteria, as well as the recommendations of a scholarship committee.

The criteria:

• Recipients of the Bat Conservation Scholarship must be associated with the Bat Center, and be enrolled as full-time students in the Department of Ecological and Environmental Sciences.

• First preference will be given to graduate students.
• Undergraduate students may be considered, if the applicant is actively engaged with the ISU Bat Center, or has demonstrated a strong interest in the study of bats.
• Recipients must maintain a cumulative 3.0 grade point average, based on a 4.0

About the Indiana State University Center for North American Bat Research — Founded in 2005, the Bat Center’s mission is to conduct and encourage basic and applied research on North American bats, by collaborating with students and other scientists, and to make findings available to the scientific community and the public through technical and popular publications, teaching and outreach programs. The Center held a Bat Festival at Indiana State University on August 7, 2007 in conjunction with the Organization for Bat Conservation quartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The first publication of the Bat Center was “Bats of Indiana” and it was introduced at the Bat Festival.

About Critter Catchers, Inc. — Founded in 2005, the Ortonville, Mich.-based Critter Catchers, Inc. was formed by David Kugler, an Oakland University graduate holding a Bachelors of Science in Biology, and a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Wayne State University. For more information, and to view reports from scholarship recipients at the end of the scholarship award period, visit # bats.

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