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Brandon township business takes care of them 'humanely'

March 25, 2009

Ortonville, Mich. – It’s an annual rite of spring passage for Michigan homeowners. They’re digging out the patio furniture, dusting off grills, and preparing for relaxing evenings in backyards. Foresighted summer enthusiasts are taking an extra step this spring to make certain their outdoor celebrations are bug-free, by rolling out the red carpet for some recently evicted houseguests: bats.

Seeking an escape from winter, bats sought refuge in many places, including attics. Warmer temperatures bring these winged mammals back to higher activity levels resulting in increased sightings. The result? Homeowners are calling professionals to lend a hand in bat removal procedures. Michigan based Critter Catchers is receiving a fair share of those calls, and is addressing the situation with a heartwarming degree of compassion.

“‘How do I get rid bats?’ is a question we hear frequently,” said Dave Kugler, president, Critter Catchers, Inc. “A professional bat exclusion service can provide a solution, but it’s important to ask one relevant question: What happens to the bat?’”

Humane wildlife companies utilize a technique called “exclusions” to permit the bats to safely leave the home unscathed. The process requires working at heights, an eye for detail and experience. Inhumane practices, that can injure members of the colony, must be avoided. Failure to follow humane practices can lead to bats being trapped inside the home, and eventually perishing – an idea that disturbs Kugler.

“Our bat exclusion approach is simply the right way to do business. It requires patience and understanding from the homeowner, but allowing bats time to safely relocate can reduce our impact to the environment” he said.

Taking advice from Critter Catchers, wise homeowners are installing bat houses to maintain a local colony. After all, a typical bat can consume half of its body weight in insects each night. That’s a great recipe for an insect-free backyard barbeque.

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By: Phil Stayhue The Citizen

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