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Many people want peace of mind - bats are scary. Your home was once a suitable habitat for a bat colony, so they may try to get back inside over the years. Through regular preventative maintenance, you can protect your investment in a bat-free home and extend our service agreement over multiple years. After all, keeping bats out of the home is a matter of keeping your home sealed up tight.

Just like many highways, some homes shift and heave with the changing of the seasons. Over time, Michigan's freeze-thaw cycles can contribute to the formation of new gaps. These common issues can only be addressed through active preventative maintenance - and we can help reduce the risk for these occurrences.

Through our annual maintenance program, you have the opportunity to continue service with Critter Catchers over multiple years at an affordable rate. This extends our Bat service agreement for as long as you remain in the annual program each year without lapse.

This program includes a written inspection of the home at the time of renewal. Additionally, we will touch up the work that was completed during the initial year, as needed. Additionally, we inspect for new cracks that could have formed during the year and look for any new bat activity. If there are bats entering the home, we redo the exclusion process with the installation of the one-way bat valves. The goal is to find the the cracks before a new colony of bats uncovers the new point of entry - and keep them out of your home. New for 2016, we are including a complimentary total replenishment as part of our Prevent-A-Mouse program.

This program is available to previous residential bat exclusion customers (in good standing) that do not let their service agreement lapse. Don't delay, and risk not qualifying. The program is not available to customers that remodel their homes with additions, new roofs, new siding, etc. For customers that do not meet the qualifications, we can requote the project.

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