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Ecology and Conservation opportunity for Detroit Metro Area girls promotes a better understanding of the vital role of bats in the ecosystem

Birmingham, Mich. — Critter Catchers and the American Association of University Women Birmingham Branch (AAUW) are exposing Detroit Metro Area students to exciting science presentations while promoting a better understanding of the importance of bats in the ecosystem. On April 1, 2009, the AAUW Birmingham branch is sponsoring a program entitled “Explorathon - Expanding Horizons for Girls in Science and Mathematics“. A portion of the program includes presentations from educators at the Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC). This experience will allow aspiring biologists and bat enthusiasts to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of bats from around the world. The goal is to dispel myths, calm fears and inspire the audience about science.

The “Bats of the World” presentation will take place at Detroit Country Day School and is being funded by a bat education grant from Critter Catchers, Inc. The grant was established in 2008, and is being utilized by local schools to bring outside educators into the classroom and to help diversify their curriculum.

“Many young women have a passion for the biological sciences, and OBC’s live bat programs provide a unique opportunity to promote a better understanding of this important mammal,” said David Kugler, president, Critter Catchers, Inc. “While it’s well-known that bats present a risk when they’re flying inside our homes, what’s less understood is how vital they are to our ecosystem. Michigan’s Brown Bats are tremendous insect eaters, and are one of the only predators for night flying insects. By maintaining bat populations we provide a natural way to reduce our reliance on pesticides.”

About American Association of University Women (AAUW) -- Birmingham Branch The focus of the AAUW is improving opportunities for women and girls through grants, study groups, and political action. Membership is open to graduates of regionally accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities. The Birmingham Branch has promoted equity for girls in science.

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