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We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.
We are OPEN for Business during Covid-19.

Critter Catchers provides answers to sightings of bats flying inside homes during frigid winter

Flakes dominate the forecasts, but that’s not the only thing filling the air during this wintry time of year. Usually leaving our radar screens when the last leaves fall, bats can make an unexpected re-appearance during the winter, surprising many Michigan residents. Although bats are vital to the ecosystem and can reduce our use of pesticides, they can cause concern when they are flying inside your home. When harried homeowners call for help in the middle of the night in southeastern Michigan, Vonnie Bench is answering these pleas.

“Many homeowners are reporting bat sightings inside their homes, and they are surprised because they assume that bats are hibernating right now,” said Bench, sales manager for Critter Catchers, a business offering bat removal services. “As you can imagine, the home fills with plenty of excitement when a bat is found swooping around a bedroom. We suspect that the extreme cold weather is causing the bats to move to a more comfortable spot in the attic”

“The most dramatic calls involve panic where a person suspects a bite,” Bench added. “Due to the risk of rabies, potential exposures must be taken seriously and people must consult their physician immediately.”

Dave Kugler, biologist and president of Critter Catchers, Inc., added: "People that experience bats flying around their house in the winter have a colony of bats hibernating in their attic or walls. Bats feed on insects, which are only available during the warmer seasons. Since this food source is scarce at this time of year, bats must hibernate to conserve energy. A single bat is just one member of the colony that accidentally found a way inside your home and is a sign of a larger problem. Our job is to get the bat colony ‘evicted’ from your home and back into the great outdoors.”

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